Telenor Quiz answers 29 October


29 October Telenor quiz answer today | my Telenor app question today |test your skill.

Telenor answers, 29 October telenor quiz answers is very easy. today my telenor app answer is giving below, I added All The telenor quiz answers correctly. You can win from here free MB by giving correct Answers of telenor app quiz answers.

29 October telenor quiz answers

How to get Free Telenor internet by Telenor quiz answers

Telenor quiz answers is a good telenor service, by using this service user can got 💯 Mb or 50 MB daily. That data is very useful for students and gamers , who want to search someone or play game live like PUBG , 8 ball pools and ludo etc..

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I add All The questions answers at 12 am.

Step by step how to get Free Data

  1. just download telenor app, if you not have telenor app , if you have already telenor app ignore this step.
  2. Open telenor app
  3. Click on the test your skill.
  4. There will appear 5 question.
  5. Give correctly answers of all the questions.
  6. After giving correct Answers you will get free 💯 mb almost. 
  7. Important Note, You can got All The correct Answers from my blogs

Some Important Instructions 

Telenor quiz answers

 • If you give answered of any question wrong , You will be unable to receive the Telenor Free MB reward.

• You need also balance for get reward MB  at least 1 Paisa.

• Give Answers of All questions correctly .

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   29 October telenor quiz answers today

You can get  answers of all questions by scrolling down the page. All the questions answers is giving below by manually and individually. I hope you will like my afforts for quiz answers.


Question answers is upcoming

Click on above on the link and see the answer of the question , all the links is on the above is available.

All telenor quiz answers on one place

Below I updated All the quiz answers correctly, which will helpful for you to get free 💯 mb today,

29 October telenor quiz answers.


What is Owen Wilson's middle name?

 Answer : Cunningham


Which Italian city did George Clooney get married to Amal in?

 Answer : Venice


Cruise starred with his second wife, Nicole Kidman, in how many films?

 Answer : 3 


Which American actor and film maker was born Mark Sinclair?

 Answer : 

Vin Diesel


What year was Johnny Depp born in?

 Answer : 1963 


Question and answers is 💯 percent correct.


Where from you got correct Answers of telenor quiz answers.

I'm a student , my favorite subject is history crueent affairs, mostly i have questions already and Which answer is not in my mind, I get from research from different platforms , someone like Google, Yahoo , Wikipedia etc...

Your aim to provide these answers

Firstly all I'm also a telenor user , I get also free MB from telenor app , the main purpose of giving the quiz answers is to increase the general knowledge of my dear visitors.

Conclusion of this post

The main aim to provide  the Telenor quiz answers is to give the correct Answers to my respectable readers.My telenor app quiz answer is very easy today, this blog is personal for u.

Here are available all the questions and answers 29 October telenor quiz answers on the above of this post . You can see the answer and question directly from the links which is above. Visit daily our website for correct answers to daily correct questions answers.