Ertugal ghazi Episode 18 download in Urdu | Ertugal drama season 1 download |Urtugal drama download in Urdu 

Ertugal ghazi Episode 18 download in Urdu | Ertugal drama season 1 download |Urtugal drama download in Urdu | Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Urdu Dubbed | 

Dirilis drama download in Urdu
Ertugal drama's character is an old of 13th century
Ertugal Ghazi drama is in Turkish language but  you can download in Urdu dubbed. I'm publishing the all season of Ertugal Ghazi drama. This is a good drama for Muslims. In this drama shows Muslims history of the long term almost 600 years.
In this drama, shows us the Muslims ups and downs.
Ertugal ghazi was born in 1190 .
When mangols attack on Turkmenistan, a lot of tribes  move to Asia kochik. In which tribes one was Kai Qabeela.The cheif of Kai Qabeela was Sulieman Shah.
Sulieman Shah has four son. One was Ertugal Ghazi.
Who died  during the River when he was crossing the river with his tribe.
Ertugal Ghazi  was the son of Sulieman Shah.
After the death of Sulieman Shah , Ertugal becomes the cheif of  Kai Qabeela.
Ertugal ghazi was a Brilliant and brave soldiers.
Ertugal Ghazi prepare a army and attack on Salebi Qillah,  and occupied  on the Qillah.
Ertugal Ghazi was very famous for honest and bravery.
Ertugal decides to move  its tribe to sougat and stay there.  tribe of Ertugal feel very bad economic status.
The kai Qabeela woman Start knitting the qaleen. For living.
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Ottoman empire.
After the death of Ertugal ghazi its son  Osman found the Ottoman empire.
Ottoman empire was very vast , almost it was consists of 3 continet. Osman was very honest and Islamic person, who work very much for Islam.
Ottoman empire was a great Muslims empire, day by day government of Ottoman empire start azasiya , due to this ottoman empire destroy.
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Urtugal Ghazi Drama season 1
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