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A Intelligent student story about hereafter
Mohammad Ishmael was a student of the Natarmic Matricak, was the best of schoolmen. The number and the book were required and they were a new game like a new game like nurse nor did they have any interest in the audio. The sample was missing the article in the book .... Hey samples tea so ... Mama's mama said to the sample. Mama! I'm going to be a paper I'm at the moment I'm in a while ... The sample responded to the walk. After the two-day worker's worker, the examination was also done ... What is the preparation of the sample? reviews
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Mama asked. Mother preparing is very good just to pray with good numbers. Samura said in the sore smell. Allaah will succeed you kiss me sinful sample. ......... Or Allah! I get good numbers ... Saturned in the sample room was sitting in the examination that the Invigilator copied the sample first, write your own roll number before ..

 The sample wrote on the data all the data quickly and started waiting for the paper soon, the InviGilator gave the paper to the class present in the class.
sample was started to solve the paper after he was looking after the square, after seeing every question. There were two minutes left children and there was a complete question. All the children tie your supplements copies, the rest of the dead were resonated in the voice hall of the invigilator.

Miss! One of my questions is left ... Narrah said. But son! The time is over all the questions were to complete the appointed time. Miss! Give ten minutes and give me the paper will be good and will be entitled to good college .... the sample said. No son! Copies are not unknown to the board office and it is against the principle that the copies are taken from all the rest of the children and some should be given more time ... the hardware was in the sparrow of the invigilator. The sample was landed, her mouth was landed ... Nose Daughter! What happened Why does this matter like?

Mama asked. Mama! Ts telling the face of this reading that his paper was not well ... The slave of the sample of Narrah said. It heard the sample. You should be shutted Marta, and dragged the sample to the Khalid brother. Tell me something else? Mama asked for anxiety. Sample: Continuous crying mamm! A question was left. Mama: Why did you live? Norma: Mama! The time was not the incvilator was not given time. Mama: So did not you ask that question? Norma: Mama! If it comes, but I am saying that the invigilator did not give up the tim.

 Mama: Why did not you take? Norma: Mama! 3 hours of paper. The threeVis captured the enviquirator. No problem my baby! The good number will be good in the remaining paper, the Shi'ah Allah ... Mama has satisfy the sample by chest. Come on! Today I have made yogurt and you have made it ... Mama said the tears of the tree. But mama! My Mode is off .. Soh said the mouth burnt. Samurai asked his mother to the evening when his mode is normal, he asked Samma. Tell the summary one thing !!!! Mama said to Narrr. Yes! The sample said to me. Do not have good numbers in your paper, or what will happen? Mama! Do not say such a plane.

 That's why I am saying. Mama! I will either have a lot of reasons, I have to give this paper again. The last chain is not? Mama said to tea from the tea kettle. No ... sample said. And if the last chance was? After which you do not give up the repentance, you can not give it again. Mama asked. Mama again I would work hard to work so that you should ask and ask for a minute of thinking about the time of paper. Good! Good! Now tell one thing what is the exam that we all have to give. We all have to give? Nemarr asked the surprise. Yes, we all have to give all humans reinforced ... Mama said. Yes and when the time is over, the time of this room examination of the program, the country's Almaty will not give a moment.

The examination of the Hereafter ..s of the eyes were spread. Yes son! Look at the Hereafter. He will say: O wish, I would have sent ahead of my life. Everybody will be the field of hemorrhoids, their people will be lost in their own people! And we have also told us about my exam! Prepare this examination, send goods ... These are angels on the right and left-hand, they are preparing your report card, just as much as you can get numerous ... Now the time is less and the goods are more sendable as much as the goods are more than the same marks, the rise of the same way ... which will be the same protocol as heavy in heaven ... such as much more affairs will get it. Niceies were given to you some ... Nearbyes, the number of good deeds, the angels of the goods are immediately written in your marcket ... Help someone ... little siblings left to fight, lie! ... to worry ... to make ... If you want to lose bad and leave other bad things, they will increase the number. So became the position of Taimaja.
The success explained the sample. Mama! Does it get reward even when you leave? Sample. Absolutely the son gets the reward even when he left sin. Mima said. And who have been sinned? The samples have come. Before the end of the examination time ends them from the rubber eraser ... Mama said smiling. But how will this rubber eraser go on the book that the Lord has come? The summers asked. Yes, this rubber eraser will not go on it, then the rubber rubbish will be repeatedly, but you swear all the sins from repentance. Sample son! Remember this verse oral. And the Umrah al-Azan (علوا وليق) (2) Awilley Stepic (24) and Hell will be brought to the day, on that day, the man will think and now the time to think for it. He will say: O wish, I would have sent ahead of my life. And yes, one thing I forgot to ask you know the course of this exam? Mama asked.

What is this examination minister? The sample asked. The curriculum of this exam is the Quran and the Sunnah, you try to follow this curriculum daily.
Akeeping the preparation of your Hereafter, and keeping the good deeds, and every little good is not able to miss you from your little hero, then you will be able to succeed, and the real success is successful success. The mother has successful in the Hereafter.